Extraordinary starts here.

For more than 40 years, KRJ has been building Houston’s premier Association Management company. Today, we are building something even more important, a reputation for excellence. We are a local, award-winning culture and boutique brand, serving greater Houston and surrounding markets with a distinguishing, personal approach to business – kind, responsible, and joyful – that impacts everything we do. We are on a mission to infect the world with goodness.

In an industry where to-do lists, site visits, violations and collections are the ordinary, we believe it’s time for something extra. Extra attention, extra care with extra enthusiasm. KRJ believes your lifestyle experience in an HOA should be extra special, so our team of ordinary women and men do things in an extraordinary way to serve you. We humbly serve thousands of clients, but the only one that really matters is you.



In a world driven by technology, we believe that human relationships are more important than ever. While technology is core to our business and the homeowner experience, human relationship is our biggest asset. Relationships work for a common purpose and good and foster a culture of alliance, promoting productivity and success.


While vision, talent, drive and execution are critical characteristics of our success, the knowledge and insight we have gained from our 40 years of serving clients are the cornerstones of our brand. We understand the market; we understand the law; and we understand the challenges that communities deal with daily.


In an industry laden with antiquated processes, obsolete technology and service providers buried in paper, we see things a little differently. Our focus is on you. KRJ fosters a culture of change. We continuously question what we do and how we do it, with a focus on implementing new ideas, industry-leading solutions, and personal service.

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No matter what our business gains over time, we’ll never lose sight of what’s most important. People come first at every step of our journey. Learn more about where we’ve been and where we’re going.
— Kelly Hawkins
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